Vertical Roaster - 24cm

Code: 65258

RRP: $469.95


• Staub's innovative enamel coating takes cast-iron cooking to the next level, in a celebration of improved performance, style and durability, so you can cook restaurant quality dishes in the comfort of your home kitchen • Featuring a large spike in the centre of the pan, heat radiates through the centre of poultry for perfectly even cooking, for more tender, juicier meat, whilst allowing excess fats to drip into the pan below for a healthier result whilst reducing mess • Large capacity base pan allows you to cook vegetables or other ingredients in the juices which drip from the poultry above, allowing you to cook the entire meal in the convenience of one dish • Each Staub piece is made in France using a sand mould which is destroyed after each piece is made, so every Staub piece is totally unique • Enamel cast iron is a traditionally strong material, ideal for low heat cooking, it retains heat better than any other material, whilst equal heat distribution eliminates hot spots during the cooking process • Suitable for use in electric, gas and induction ovens

  • Care Instructions:
    • Oven Safe
    • Do not heat rapidly, low to medium heat required only
    • Recommended for use with wooden or plastic cooking utensils only to avoid damage to the enamel coating
    • Hand wash recommended
  • Packaging Type: Gift Box
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: High quality cast iron Tough, chip-resistant enamel, inside and out

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