Founded by Paolo Ballarini in 1889 as a small crafts workshop making metal utensils, Ballarini is now internationally renown for producing quality Italian non-stick cookware. Ballarini currently manufactures over 12 million units per year. Ballarini has formed powerful links with Italian and international culinary tradition, accompanied by inherent technological and creative innovation, expressed by the pay off ‘The Future of Tradition’. Ballarini products are manufactured using the latest know-how in technological innovation to produce superior, long-lasting products which maximise efficiency in the kitchen. View all Ballarini products

In 1982, you had two options for getting garlic into your meal: chop up a fresh clove and have your hands smell for the rest of the day, or settle for a couple of thin, dry flakes tapped out of a plastic container. Fast forward a few decades and inventor David Holcomb’s first creation, the Garlic Machine, became Chef’n, a growing Seattle-based company with more than 250 product patents worldwide and a single mission - to make better tools so you can make better food. This mission is what drives their in-house design team to reinvent the utensils and gadgets that most of us take for granted while we’re cooking and cleaning. The innovation that Chef’n products bring to the kitchen has resulted in design awards and magazine covers the world over. View all Chef'n products

Cole & Mason is a world leading brand of salt and pepper mills. Their award winning “precision” mechanism, stunning designs and quality craftsmanship make them a cult object on the table and in the kitchen. The “precision” technology combines diamond-cut ceramic mechanisms (for salt) and machine-cut, hardened carbon steel mechanisms (for pepper). Now with their range of “gourmet precision” mills, the cook is able to gain complete control with pre-set grind options (6 for pepper and 3 for salt). View all Cole & Mason products

Contigo is a range of travel mugs, water bottles, sports bottles and kids mugs for the savvy consumer who demands solutions for the daily challenges of their active lifestyles. Knowing that ‘on-the-go’ beverages can be messy and complicated to use, Contigo has developed a line of simple, yet functionally innovative, environmentally friendly drinkware to help people face life's daily challenges. The products are stylish yet resilient, sleek yet strong – the perfect combination of performance and grace. View all Contigo products

A comprehensive and affordable range of kitchen gadgets that make food preparation easier. From peeling and chopping, to mixing, measuring & baking, every Cuisena product is designed with an emphasis on quality and value for money. There are over 220 lines in the range which includes both hang-sell and gift packaged products as well as Counter Display Units (CDU's). View all Cuisena products

Culinare is an extensive range of affordable, reliable, innovative kitchen essentials which make preparing food easier, safer & quicker. The products are aesthetically appealing to the eye and function to support any household at an affordable price - whether it's a can opener, scale, serving tong, grater or timer. And the Magican Can Opener is the most famous and recognised gadget in the range. View all Culinare products

Primarily a stainless steel range of kitchenware designed to make food and beverage preparation a more satisfying experience. Euroline products are modern, sleek and streamlined with a crisp "European” look. The brand offers a functional, stylish and contemporary range that is realistically priced. The Euroline brand also now includes a comprehensive range of French crafted wooden spatulas and spoons (including slotted, pointed, heavy and extra large). Also in the range are traditional French made pastry brushes with natural bristles and traditional French rubber spatulas. View all Euroline products

An amazing new innovation in the war on waste. FreshPaper is a small piece of biodegradable paper infused with a secret combination of organic spices which has the ability to keep your fruit, vegetables and bread for up to 2 to 4 times longer. FreshPaper is a patented and award-winning innovation that has been featured by The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Forbes, Oprah and Mother Nature Network. FreshPaper was recently awarded the biennial INDEX: Design to Improve Life Award, the World’s Largest Prize in Design (previously awarded to Tesla and Apple!). Made in the USA with organic spices. View all FreshPaper products

Full Circle is making the world a little better... What if you could keep millions of tons of plastic from landfills and oceans, just by choosing a cellulose sponge? Full Circle set out to create better-designed products with longer lifecycles, to support small changes in your home that add up in a big way on a global scale. Impact has to be about more than smooth talk and swag, so Full Circle work hard to make sure that they’re walking the walk in every way possible. View all Full Circle products

Gourmet Kitchen has a repertoire of useful and affordable kitchen items including blow torches, pastry brushes and paper towel holders. View all Gourmet Kitchen products

Hangaway is a brand with a focus on a single product, a foldaway indoor clothes hanger and airer, to create more space for airing, ironing, and storing clothes. Its tripod design is sturdy, attractive and easy to use, with room for up to 30 items of washing. Arms are strategically positioned over the legs for the ultimate in balance and support. Folds down flat with umbrella like action when not in use for easy storage. View all Hangaway products

If you’ve got the right kit, you’re halfway there in the kitchen. Jamie’s kitchen tools and utensils are there to give you a helping hand with all kinds of prepping tasks: from peelers for making gorgeous shaved salads to top-quality knives for chopping, slicing and dicing. From peelers to storage containers to mortar and pestles, everything brings a bit of Jamie efficiency, integrity and attitude to your cooking, designed to not only serve you well in the kitchen, but to look the part on the table, too. View all Jamie Oliver products

Born in the US, resident in France and Thailand, Ken Hom is a champion of Chinese cuisine. He is an acclaimed celebrity chef, a restaurant consultant, a prolific author and presenter of a multitude of television series and documentaries. The Ken Hom wok continues to sell around 300,000 per year, with one in seven households in the UK owning a Ken Hom wok. His name is so intrinsically connected with the wok, that recently the BBC cookery programme ‘Saturday Kitchen’ affectionately described Ken Hom as ‘half man, half wok’. We’re proud to bring you his best. View all Ken Hom products

Since its establishment in 1978, Lock&Lock Co. Ltd. has grown as a global manufacturer of containers, and exports its products to more than 100 countries worldwide. While many storage containers may look similar, Lock&Lock developed a new concept for an interlocking system on all four sides. It makes the container truly airtight and watertight, something that lookalikes cannot claim. View all Lock & Lock products

With over 50 years experience in the manufacturing industry, Italian-born company, Magic Vac, offers a wide range of healthcare and household products. Magic Vac created the original Vacuum Sealing System, now designing a range of vacuum-sealing machines and accessories suitable for home and commercial use. Magic Vac machines are the result of consistent research and development to deliver quality products which translate into an economic, technologically-advanced and hygienic food preservation solution. View all Magic Vac products

Produce your own fresh pasta with Marcato. Marcato’s entire production is Made in Italy producing machines and accessories for fresh pasta, biscuits, bread and pizza. With over 85 years of experience, along with continuous technological evolution (including 5 international patents), Marcato is a global market leader. They are also committed to concept of “Wellness” which not only means using safe materials in the manufacture of their products, but also following a healthy diet based on simple genuine foods, which re-discover the flavours of Italian traditions and a Mediterranean diet. View all Marcato products

Metaltex is a European leader in housewares and was founded over 70 years ago. Since then it has undergone constant growth and innovation. They are a global company with a strong focus on their leading programme of research and development. At DKSH we distribute an assortment of kitchen gadgets that Metaltex supply. View all Metaltex products

In 1990 the original Microplane was invented merely as a new type of woodworking tool. Microplane as we now know it is a complete range of kitchen graters for every type of grating possible. Microplane graters' tiny razor-like edges are formed by a process called photo-etching by which holes are dissolved with a chemical, creating ultra-sharp cutting edges that finely slice the food instead of tearing or shredding. View all Microplane products

Mini Firefighter, developed over the past 6 years, is a revolutionary mini fire extinguisher capable of tackling all four classes typical of household fire - Petrol, Oils & Fats,Wood, Electrical (up to 35,000 volts) It expands to up to 10 litres of powerful foam (sufficient to put out most small fires) in around 20 seconds. The Mini Firefighter foam produces a seal over the flames, suffocating the fire and instantly starts to cool. Mini Firefighter is very easy to use, very effective in tackling small fires. It washes up with water, is non-toxic, fully biodegradable, kind to the environment and fully compliant with all the appropriate regulations in Australia and New Zealand. View all Mini Firefighter products

Grace, elegance and sophistication feature highly in Japanese culture. They are also synonymous with the Miyabi brand by Zwilling J.A. Henckels. The authentic Japanese blade design and extraordinary sharpness of the Miyabi knives will delight lovers of the Japanese cuisine. They will appreciate their perfect balance and comfortable handle. Miyabi knives are manufactured in the Zwilling J.A.Henckels factory based in Seki (Japan). View all Miyabi products

MSC International is a brand of impulsive houseware & barware products which are innovatively packaged, creating contemporary classics in home product designs. MSC measures every aspect of each item to ensure value to the consumer. The company strives for innovation with a clear focus on quality and performance. The "Jo!e” brand as it's known, exemplifies MSC's pursuit of the joy of life through a passion for the art of living. View all MSC products

The idea behind Neato Robotics – that robots can perform household chores as intelligently as humans – was born at Stanford's annual Entrepreneur's Challenge. Bringing intelligent robots into every home meant tackling the challenges of hardware, software, and design. Neato’s engineers are driven to make the complex simple, integrated, and at a price that has real value to you. Today, their robot vacuums clean homes better than the competition – with smarter technology, more powerful suction, and bigger-is-better features that get the job done the way you would, or even better! View all Neato products

Made in France, Ô cuisine produces high quality borosilicate glass cookware. Tempered borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant, which means you can take your glassware straight from the freezer to the microwave without shattering. Their products also come with a 10 year guarantee. View all Ô cuisine products

For over 40 years, Progressive have been creating innovative kitchen tools and gadgets that make food preparation fun and fast while inspiring culinary creativity. From their PL8 brand which includes mandolins, spiralizers etc to their Prep Works range of gadgets, and Prep Solutions collection of microwave accessories (and more), it has all been designed to make life in the kitchen easier. View all Progressive products

The Rabbit brand was founded in 1983. At the core of the brand, is the desire to bring people together, with a collection of well-designed and functional wine, beer and bar tools for everyday entertaining. The Rabbit collection includes an innovative and contemporary range presented in stylish and modern gift packaging. View all Rabbit products

RBT is a wine and barware collection created by a small team of designers in Seattle, Washington. The brand is driven by a thoughtful approach to design which extends to the highest standard of construction and materiality. A sophisticated combination of matt black with ‘brass’ accents; RBT is a truly stunning luxe addition to your home bar. View all RBT products

Soma is a New York based, San Francisco founded design company. A portion of every Soma purchase goes directly towards funding projects to bring safe drinking water to millions who don't have access to it. Through our partnership with charity: water, we are creating a healthier, happier planet. With smart, simple, stylish designs and the finest eco materials available - mostly post-consumer waste and recyclables. View all Soma products

Located in Alsace France, Staub are manufacturers of superb quality Cast Iron cookware. The company was founded by Francis Staub in 1974. Staub offers an extensive range including cocottes, frying pans, terrines, grill pans, mussel pots etc. All the products can be used on all heat sources including induction. Staub is perfect for both cooking professionals, cordon bleu chefs and the curious home cook who wants to discover the benefits of healthy and tasty cooking. View all Staub products

Tala is one of the oldest and best loved of kitchenware brands. A trusted supplier of baking and cake decorating equipment since 1899, Tala has grown to supply cooks and bakers all over the world. It is perhaps best known for the Tala Dry Cook's Measure, an iconic symbol of British baking. It is during the 1920s that we can find the first records of it, which means it is now approaching 100 successful years of production in the UK! View all Tala products

Taylor is the oldest brand in the Filament Brands group which also includes Chef’n and Rabbit. Taylor is a leader in thermometers, timers and kitchen & bath scales. Thermometers and timers form the launch product range for Australia and New Zealand consumer markets. The range of thermometers includes meat, fridge/freezer, candy/deep fry, digital, instant read and thermocouple thermometers. The innovative collection of Taylor timers meet the needs of discerning consumers, be it for the kitchen, outdoors, at the gym or everyday life. View all Taylor products

Vigar is a Spanish company which over the course of 50 years has not only evolved to enhance the quality and functionality of their cleaning products, but revolutionised their market, transforming everyday objects into the unexpected and unconventional. Now in 44 countries, Vigar is a brand that is open to the world and which creates trends. View all Vigar products

The story of Zwilling J.A. Henckels began in 1731, when Johann Peter Henckels registered the now famous "twin” symbol as his trademark with the Cutler's Guild in Solingen, Germany. Since then, the company has gained an international reputation for producing knives, shears, scissors, cookware, kitchen gadgets and beauty products of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Blending centuries-old traditions with the latest innovations, Zwilling J.A.Henckels' range of products is standard equipment in professional and home kitchens around the world. View all Zwilling products

Zyliss' heritage of excellence in the high-end kitchen tools and gadgets category began in Switzerland more than 60 years ago. Internationally respected for design, quality, functionality and durability, the Zyliss brand is favoured by both everyday cooks and renowned gourmet chefs around the world. Inspiration for Zyliss products is derived from anticipating changes in lifestyle trends worldwide. Season after season, Zyliss introduces products that reflect a remarkable sensitivity to consumer demands in the areas of ergonomics, colour in the home and use of technology. View all Zyliss products

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